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Buying Your Home : Our Plan

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Stage One

Outlining Your Objectives
What is your motivation to buy?
What price range are you considering?
What is your timeline to move?
What are your ideal features and “non-negotiables”?
What are you looking for in a neighborhood?

Planning and Preparation
Discuss objectives and process
Select a lender and begin approval process
Obtain loan approval letter
Sign exclusive buyer-broker agreement
Research neighborhoods of interest

Understanding the Market
Review your neighborhood references 
Consider personal timing and seasonal factors 
Analyze active, pending, and sold properties
Discuss market forces: supply v. demand, macro v. micro

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Couple with Daughter

Stage Two


Finding Your Home

Browse and review online listings
Network with local agents to uncover new and off-market homes
Schedule viewing appointments - No open houses at this time
Select ideal location and home

Offers and Negotiation Strategies

Review purchase contract
Discuss objectives and processes
Create offer presentation highlighting buyer strengths
Negotiate to optimize price and terms
Accept offer/counter-offers

Stage 3


Escrow Process

Notify escrow of acceptance and send fully executed contract
Wire initial deposit to escrow per terms of agreement
Notify lender to begin the loan and order appraisal
Sign and return opening package of escrow instructions
Contract insurance agent regarding homeowner’s coverage
Provide escrow with vesting (title) information
Sign loan documents

Disclosures and Inspections

Review seller’s disclosures and reports
Schedule all desired home inspections, including termite
Approve or negotiate repairs based on the inspection reports
Review and approve preliminary title report
Meet deadlines and remove contractual contingencies
Schedule final walk-through prior to close of escrow

Meeting with Clients
The New House

Stage Four

Escrow Process

Execute the contract
Complete disclosures
Meet deadlines and contingency periods
Fulfill duties and responsibilities


Transition from the property
Final documentations
Close and celebrate!

Working Together Again

Stay in touch and keep you informed
Second homes and investment properties
Provide resources
Feedback, testimonials and referrals

Contact us to be your partners in your search!

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